August 2012 – Veggie D’s First Blog!

This is our first blog ever here at Veggie D’Light.  We have been working overtime to get our new website up and running.  It has taken us many months to create the extensive menu we are now proud to offer you; we hope you have as much fun tasting it, as we did making it!  We have introduced a new children’s menu, something fun and tasty for the little ones, because as parent’s we know how challenging it can be to ensure your children are eating healthy and meeting their body’s nutritional needs.

This summer of 2012, we have been partaking in two community garden plots.  One plot containing mainly herbs and a variety of leaves used in teas, while the other garden is focused on growing veggies, such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, carrots, beets, eggplant, spinach, broccoli, corn etc. If you are interested in having a glimpse into our gardening ventures, be sure to check out the gallery photos.

Another important change to the website, is the mailing list.  Be sure to join up on the Veggie D. mailing list.  When you sign up, we thank-you for becoming a part of the Veggie D. family, by sending you interactive monthly newsletters containing information on: healthy living, fabulous contests & giveaways, a chance to be entered into our monthly draw to win a $25.00 to use toward your next order, while keeping you abreast on what activities/events we are participating in, as well as related vegetarian/vegan news in Toronto and abroad.  Please note that your information is never shared with a third party company/agency, as we value your privacy/confidentiality.

We want to thank our long-time, loyal clients for their continued support, while welcoming all of the new folks to the Veggie D. family.  We always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, because we believe growth is an ongoing process.  Your opinions as they relate to your Veggie D experiences, are very important to us. Please take a moment to post a comment on the feedback page, to share your thoughts and let us know how we are doing.

~Wishing everyone a fun & healthy month of August~



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