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4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Jo says:

    Hey Peter,
    Well, lunch is well underway with rave reviews by all.

    Carol says: “I usually don’t eat take out food but this is delicious. The curry is great, I’m having seconds.”
    Sue May says: “This is very good. I love it. The sauce goes very good with the food.”
    Allissa says: “Wow this is great. I really like the curry. He did a really great job. I’m photocopying his flyer & giving it to everyone.”
    Jo: “why, would you have him cater again?”
    Allissa: “Of course”
    Tiffany says: ” I love it…it’s so tasty and not too hot.”
    Ivanette says: “I really love the curry. I would eat that over & over. I’m having seconds. I’m going to call him.”
    About the cake:
    Just words:
    “great…delicious…really like this…I didn’t expect desert too…can I have another piece?…”

    From me:
    Thanks so much, everything was delicious. Loved the curry the cake &………everything. Thank-you for catering my corporate luncheon!

  2. Brendon says:

    Veggie D, I am so excited my best friend referred me to you guys. I have been wanting to try to take the veggie challenge and quit eating meat. I admit I was skeptical about vegetarian food, but I give it up to Peter, after trying the curry supreme I am a believer:} Thanks a lot for the encouragement I needed to continue on the path toward a vegetarian lifestyle!


  3. Red Ras says:

    As a rastaman I tend to want to cook for myself because I don’t trust eating out at restaurants because I never know if meat by-products are used, or mixed into the vegan meals. After speaking to Peter, asking him many questions, I told him I would give him a try. When I see the way he cooks, taste the flavour of the food, I can tell he is trustworthy. Big up the zion train mi friend!!

    Red Ras

  4. yohannes says:

    I was in toronto on sept 2nd, I tried the veggie meal and i am well pleased the flavor was great every thing was perfect. I hope on my next visit i will be able to have some more, only if they deliver to washington d.c. wish you much success.

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