Chef Peter Green~Chef Peter Greenz~

Veggie D’Light’s international chef was introduced to the culinary arts while studying at West Indies College in Mandeville Jamaica, in the late 1980’s.  As Peter began to travel throughout numerous cities in the West Indies and North America, working alongside Red Seal chefs, he couldn’t help but notice a lack of options in the food industry for people like himself, who embrace a vegetarian lifestyle.

As a response to this need, Peter diligently worked on a plan to develop nutritious vegetarian and vegan recipes that incorporate just the right blend of seasoning needed to keep each dish fun, exciting and delicious for all ages.  Now that Peter has perfected an insurmountable number of dishes, he wants to share them all with you.  Made with care and precision, we are confident that you will be left feeling nourished and energetic, bringing the vital element of a well balanced diet, to contribute to a healthier you!

At Veggie D’Light, cleanliness and a sterile environment when preparing and packaging your meals are a top priority! In addition, the Veggie D’Light team strongly believes in protecting and preserving the environment, by going GREEN in all aspects.  For your health and convenience, all containers in which the food is delivered in, are picked up, sanitized and reused weekly.  It is also important to note that Veggie D’Light uses all organic ingredients, and supports our local farmers.

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